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Alignment is the Foundation of Strength and Athletics

Please enjoy an excerpt from my book, Winning the Injury Game, which will be released this summer.   Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, researcher, national lecturer, and author, developed the “Optimum Performance Pyramid” as a model to understand movement. It … Read More

9 Reasons to Support Local Athletic Events

Earlier this month my husband and I rode the Moab Century, a 100-mile bike tour, on our tandem. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, well-stocked aid stations, and camaraderie of being out on the roads with several other cyclists from around … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: Age is not to blame for sports injuries

Age is Not To Blame for Your Sports Injuries

Many people will blame injuries and pain on their age. I’m here to tell you that giving up sports is not a certainty of growing older. Sports are not to blame for your injuries, either. Sports are not bad! We … Read More

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What is Athletic Toughness?

Is athletic toughness pushing through the pain and possibly compromising your body for future sports participation to compete in a race? OR Is athletic toughness having the integrity to listen to your body, make self-respecting choices and think beyond today’s … Read More