The Pain Free Athlete :: To Do Everything

Achieve More in 2017 with an Organized Mind

Are you perpetually making to-do lists–but find yourself unable to complete the tasks efficiently? Do you often feel lost and overwhelmed with your responsibilities, and despite being continuously busy, perceive you are not making progress in the important aspects of … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: Practice Self-Compassion for Better Health

Practice Self-Compassion for Better Health

February is the month of love and hearts. We recently celebrated Valentine’s Day in the US, where we expressed our affections for others. But what about giving ourselves love and compassion? Research has found that self-compassion is linked to improved … Read More

Pain Free Athlete :: Human Being vs Human Doing

Human Being vs Human Doing

ToDoListMany of us judge the success of our day by how much we accomplished: “How many things did I check off my to do list today?” Our society places great value on busyness. Because of these ingrained beliefs, you might feel guilty … Read More

Pain Free Athlete :: Take Care of Yourself: Think MOVE

Take Care of Yourself: Think MOVE!

Guest Blog by freelance writer-editor Denise Sessions, Cool Breeze Writing and Editing Services.   I was really surprised when I heard that prolonged sitting, such as at my desk job, put me at risk for certain diseases. I thought I was … Read More

Overcome Stress by Invoking the Relaxation Response

The Stress-Response and Relaxation Response are opposite pathways of our autonomic nervous system. When one is engaged the other is inhibited. The Stress-Response activates the sympathetic nervous system while the Relaxation Response empowers the parasympathetic nervous system. The table below … Read More