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Los Alamos, NM

12/5 (Tues.) KRSN Interview
Radio Station: 1490 AM
8:40 am
12/5 (Tues.) Core Running Posture
Fusion Multisport
106 Central Park Square
5:30 pm – Group Run
6:15 pm – Presentation
7 pm – Book Signing
12/6 (Wed.) Beer and Book Signing
Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op
163 Central Park Square
5:30 – 7:30 pm
12/7 (Thurs.) The Posture-Digestion Connection
(Description below)
Los Alamos Co+op
95 Entrada Dr.
6 pm – Presentation
7 pm – Book Signing
12/8 (Fri.) Brew and Book Signing
1801 Central Avenue
9 – 11 am
12/8 (Fri.) Office Reception
Los Alamos Chiropractic Center
2610 Trinity Dr. #14
6 – 7 pm
12/9 (Sat.) Interactive Posture Workshop
(Description below)
Unitarian Church Assembly Room
1738 North Sage Loop
10 am – Noon
Book signing following the workshop

Pain Free Athlete :: Sports ConditioningCore Running Posture

Tuesday: December 5, 2017
5:30 pm – Group Run
6:15-7 pm – Presentation
Fusion Multisport
No Pre-Registration Required

Group Run is open to all abilities. Run will be held on the roads. Bring a headlight.

Running consists of counter rotation of the pelvis and rib cage while breathing with each step. Achieving a smooth transition between the left and right sides of the body is dependent on your position. If the core is not aligned, strong and mobile when running, compensations can happen, and pain can result. There is a lot of running technique advice from various sources: Pose Method, Chi Running, Alexander Technique, Evolution Running and more. These approaches share commonalities, including:

  • Erect body posture
  • Forward lean and fall
  • Short stride length
  • High cadence
  • Non-heel foot strike

Each of these factors is directly related to, and consequent of, the first item in the list: posture. This presentation will make the link between posture and each of these elements. You will learn how correct running body position starts with your shoes. Essential pre-and-post running exercises will also be revealed.

Pain Free Athlete :: Posture DigestionThe Posture-Digestion Connection

Thursday: December 7, 2017
6-7 pm
Los Alamos Co+op
No Pre-Registration Required

What do posture, breathing, core strength and indigestion have in common?

Quite a lot, actually.

  • The alignment of your bones directly affects the position of your organs and how well they function. If your upper body is compressed forward or pelvis is unbalanced, the stomach, intestines, pancreas and other digestive organs are compromised in their ability to process food.
  • Postural asymmetries and weakness in the core impede the flow of nutrients and waste products throughout your body. The breath creates a natural rhythm within your torso; this rhythm assists in the movement of these substances.
  • The respiratory diaphragm is a muscle of your core. If the quality of your breath and strength of your core are insufficient, stagnation may occur within your system, causing gastrointestinal upset.

In this class, you will learn correct posture and diaphragmatic breathing to aid digestion. Alignment exercises to lengthen and reposition your body will be introduced and practiced in sitting and standing positions.

Interactive Posture Workshop

Saturday: December 9, 2017
10am – Noon
Unitarian Church Fellowship Room
No Pre-Registration Required

Practice the screenings and exercises from the book, Winning the Injury Game, with the author!

Workshop will cover:

  • Posture and motion self-assessment
  • Diaphragm breathing
  • Core alignment and strengthening
  • Hamstring length test
  • Exercises to balance the pelvis
  • Upper body re-positioning
  • Stability training warm-up

This is your opportunity to have hands-on instruction for the activities in the book. Handouts for the self-assessments will be provided.

Please bring a yoga mat and wear exercise clothes.

Posture Fitness Class

September 18 – December 11, 2017

Moab, UT

When Your Body is Aligned:

Chronic pain reduces Sleep & Energy improve Digestion is enhanced Bone density increases Stress & Anxiety decline Performance elevates Balance becomes steady



​Exercise class using the Egoscue Method® and Postural Restoration Institute® techniques. Posture Fitness Class uses standing and mat whole body exercises to re-train and re-align the body through small, focused movements and stretches. All levels welcome, progressions and modifications provided. Class is appropriate for those with chronic musculoskeletal issues. All equipment provided, no pre-registration required. Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow unrestricted movement. Drop-ins welcome anytime!   Mondays 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Moab Recreation and Aquatics Center   You’re First Class is Free! Bring a Friend Incentive: Introduce someone to the class, and their class is free, and yours is half price!

Invest in Your Posture and Your Health!


Drop-In   $10
5-Punch Card   $45 ($9/class)
10-Punch Card   $80 ($8/class)