Posture Therapy

Align Your Body

Exercise-Based Therapy to Re-Establish Proper Position and Function

Better posture can reduce chronic pain and accelerate recovery from injury. Have you tried nearly everything you can think of to heal your pain or recover from an injury? Yet, you’re still suffering. I understand! I’ve felt the frustration that I was not going to get better; I’ve had the fear that I would never get back to sports. I tried many approaches to heal my hip and back pain. It wasn’t until I started posture therapy that I experienced lasting relief.   Posture therapy goes beyond traditional methods that just focus on treating symptoms. Instead, it aims to correct the underlying cause of your pain. Many times the pain or injury is not where the problem lies. Your body is intricately connected from head to toe, so it needs to be healed as a whole, not just where it hurts. Posture therapy takes this integrated approach, looking at the entire structure of the body and addressing asymmetries throughout your system.   Skeletal misalignments such as joint elevations, spinal rotations, or muscle imbalances create excess stress in the body with movement. This extra stress can lead to joint degeneration, tissue breakdown, inflammation, pain and injury. For example, because of its poor position, my misaligned hip was literally rubbing a hole into my cartilage every time I took a step. Posture therapy helped to realign my hip correctly, which alleviated the pain, stopped the cartilage damage, and allowed my body to regenerate. Posture therapy retrains the soft tissues—muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments—that hold your bones in place. Changing the position of your bones can end the chronic deterioration, allowing you to return confidently to an active, pain-free lifestyle.   I am certified in two posture methodologies, and I combine my experience and knowledge in both the Egoscue Method® and Postural Restoration® when working with my clients. I have been practicing posture therapy myself–as a patient for nine years and as a coach for eight years. I strive to teach my clients how posture relates to pain and injury. As my client, I want you to be educated and empowered, giving you the tools you need to manage chronic pain and to prevent injury for the long term. The tools I provide are restorative postures, corrective exercises, and stretching positions to reposition the body, strengthen correct posture and function, reduce muscle tension, enhance efficiency, and increase ease of movement. Therapy is available in person, via Skype or online.

What's Included


Static posture and movement analysis


Personalized program of posture realignment techniques: printouts with pictures and descriptions

Technique Instruction

Individual instruction on the techniques (In-Person Therapy or Skype Therapy)


Follow-up emails and phone consultations, as needed


Coaching on lifestyle factors that may be contributing to pain and injury, such as sleep, nutrition, stress, etc.

Your Investment:

In-Person Therapy

Total 8-Session Package


Total 4-Session Package:

$625 (~$156/session)

Single Session:


Skype Therapy

Total 8-Session Package

$925 (~$116/session)

Total 4-Session Package:

$485 (~$121/session)

Single Session: