“As a voracious reader, I am always drawn to non-fictional books, articles, journals, and literary essays that offer a personal perspective based on personal experience. Jess Kisiel has been a student and patient whom I have always had a great deal of respect for because of her commitment to herself and her body. Her pedagogical process of imparting what she has experienced, discovered and practiced also helped her recover, heal and nurture her need to understand how to rely on and trust herself. I have watched her over the years discover herself and the process that best aligned and balanced her mind and body and their performance with each other. As therapeutic as this book’s recommendations are, so are her personal accounts of the interconnections and patterned relationships of forces that reject healing and recovery. An example of these reflections and realizations are outlined in every chapter. Overall balance requires respect for the lungs and posture; and overall awareness of success requires respect for sensate awareness. She brings these concepts to realization, no matter what an individual is limited in or at. This book will help the reader enjoy finding true accountability in recovery, through a process that requires an alternative process of injury prevention that ultimately leads to a reduction of pain.
Game on!”

Ron Hruska MPA, PT
Executive Director
Postural Restoration Institute®


Winning the Injury Game promotes a holistic approach to healing and challenges us to think differently about how we care for our injuries and chronic pain. Using her story of recovery, Jessica shares valuable insights that will benefit and inspire anyone who is struggling with an injury and who has not responded to traditional medical treatment.”

Susan Grubb
Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM)
Licensed Massage Therapist


“Jessica takes readers on a down to earth, enlightening journey through the challenging world of athletic injuries and/or setbacks. This is an eloquent book, full of insights and practical information that transcends pain and loss – and becomes an inspiration.”

Lisa Smole, BS, MBA
Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt)
Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (FIBH)


“Jessica’s teachings and exercises on alignment have been successful and essential in eliminating the recurring back spasms and hip discomfort that limited my training for years. I have been free of those problems for a few years now, and, as a result, I am increasing my training with a goal of completing an Ironman Triathlon when I am 70!”

Matt Briggs
Physicist, baritone sax player, triathlete


“Watching Jessica’s journey from a high-performing athlete, to a struggling athlete plagued with injuries, then back to a high-performing athlete has been a pleasure and a delight. When she started her journey with Egoscue®, I saw someone worn down by injuries with little hope. BUT as she began her healing journey, the glimmer in her eye began to emerge, and little by little that developed into the fire in her belly. You know, the one you see in Athletes in pursuit. It came back!

Yet she wasn’t content there. Instead she became an ‘evangelist’ for the Egoscue Method®, wanting to rescue other athletes from that nagging question that causes them to think . . . ‘Was that my career ending injury?’ ‘Am I done?’ Now she has brought her hope to you in written form. Both simple and powerful. Read on. You won’t be disappointed.”

John Cattermole
Master Egoscue® Therapist (Clinic Director Egoscue® Phoenix)


“I can think of no better person than Jessica Kisiel to write the definitive book on how to move beyond the injury-pain cycle. Having overcome her own debilitating injuries and coached so many others to do the same, she has moved to the forefront of leaders in the field of body-mind healing. If you’re ready to reclaim your body and life, I highly recommend this book.”

Sonia Sommer
Structural Integration Practitioner and Soul Healer


“As a chiropractor, I work with people in chronic pain daily. I believe in the value of educating my patients about proper posture alignment and conditioning the deep postural muscles as a foundation for well-being. I am grateful to be able to refer my patients to a coach such as Jessica, as well as having this book as a helpful reference.”

Nancy Savoia
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)


“The yoga tradition is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and spirit cannot be separated. Winning the Injury Game applies this vital principle to healing and athletics. Jessica expertly demonstrates how treating an injury, or training for a sport, is most effective when consideration is given to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of the athlete.”

Mike Hoog
Physical Therapist


Winning the Injury Game is one of the most insightful texts for athletic performance and athletic durability that has been published in years. Jessica Kisiel’s thorough analysis of the most innovative and diverse scientific approaches towards biomechanics and human performance makes this a treasure trove of knowledge that will benefit Athletes and Rehabilitation Professionals alike. The book is clearly the result of years of study and discovery, laid out in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. Winning the Injury Game provides the Athlete Reader a pathway to fully understand their body and its ability for pain-free movement. Jessica utilizes personal experience in a way that will provide understanding and hope to the reader, but avoids becoming an anecdotal self-help journal. Complex biomechanical, physiological, emotional, and anatomical concepts are explained in easy-to-understand language with excellent examples and exercises. I will be recommending and making this book available to all of my patients.”

“This book makes the mantra ‘train smarter, not harder’ truly possible!”

Raulan Young, MPT, PRC
Physical Therapist
Biomechanical Consultant
Owner of Proactive Physical Therapy, Idaho a Postural Restoration® Center


“Wow. This is a beautiful and powerful book with incredible wisdom to be gained. I’m only at the very beginning of my recovery journey, and yet I have already come so far in just three months. And, it’s not just from a physical point of view. It’s been 17 years since I broke my hip, and I have many bad body compensations, but I do believe I will get there. And a lot of that belief is thanks to you, Jessica!”

Sasha MacSween
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), mother, elite swimmer and amateur cyclist