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Strength Programs, Event Preparation and Technique Lessons

Pain Free Athlete :: Sports Conditioning Training Pyramid


The foundation of sports conditioning and training is alignment, as shown in the Sports Training Pyramid to the left. It is the position and condition of the body that is brought into sports that dictates injury risk and performance potential. All the sports conditioning services I offer are based in this premise: that alignment of body and mind form the foundation of athletic excellence.


Functional Strength Programs

Clear up the confusion and have guidance in developing a strength program that will meet your needs and calm your mind.

Individualized Event Training Plans

Work with a coach who cares as much as you about your athletic goal and benefit in collaborating with someone who has completed many recreational and competitive events in various sports.

Sports Technique Lessons

Increase your likelihood of pain-free play and improve efficiency in your movements. See the benefits when you developing your speed, power and stamina.

Functional Strength Programs

Are you uncertain about what you should be doing to strengthen your body? Or worried that what you are doing in the gym isn’t effective? Let me help you clear up the confusion and guide you in developing a strength program that will meet your needs and calm your mind.

Function—being able to do what you want in life and sports is often the goal of any strength program. You might want to paddle a kayak, rock climb, play back-to-back tennis matches or simply carry the groceries up the stairs. Functional strength means being strong in the movements, positions and skills required for daily life and sports. It means having the capability to use your body and musculoskeletal system as designed—without compensation—to execute these maneuvers.

Functional strength training combines several components, such as posture, proprioception (awareness of where your body is in space), multi-joint and tri-planar movements, and standing exercises that take advantage of gravity and ground-reaction forces. Without the need for expensive equipment, these programs can be done nearly anywhere with only body weight or with the added resistance of free weights or tubing.

Your Functional Strength Program

A personalized strength program ensures that you are strengthening your body in a good position. This reduces the likelihood of pain and injury, allowing you to continue doing what you want for the long-term. When developing your program, I will consider your needs, goals and exercise preferences. I will work with you to develop a program that easily fits into your schedule and honors your workout time. Additionally, I will keep in mind where you will be performing your exercises, being aware of the environment and equipment available. The program I create will also contain warm-up exercises for posture alignment to be certain that you are strengthening a straight body with proper muscle activation patterns.

What’s included

  • 60-minute initial phone or Skype strategy session
  • Injury history including current pain or limitations
  • Posture assessment done through digital photos
  • Exercise handouts with pictures and descriptions

Your Investment: $195


Skype Feedback Session

Make sure you’re doing it right! After receiving your program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one via Skype to fine-tune your movements. I’ll step you through your program and give you instruction and cues on how to do each exercise with correct form.

Your Investment: $120 / hour / (30 min. minimum)

Packages available


Strength Program Tune-up

If you do the same program for too long, you are likely to plateau and will stop making gains in your strength and function. The body needs variety to progress! Check in on the exercises you are doing and mix it up with some new movements to continue advancing toward your goals. A tune-up is recommended once a quarter.

What’s included

  • 30-minute phone or Skype review session
  • Posture assessment done through digital photos
  • Exercise handouts with pictures and descriptions

Your Investment: $125

Individualized Event Training Plans

Wheel of Sports Performance Inner Hub

Pain Free Athlete :: Sports Conditioning Performance Hub

What is your athletic goal?

  • Walk, run or ski a 5k–up to an ultramarathon?
  • Cycle a half or full century ride?
  • Climb a challenging alpine peak?
  • Tour the mountains on your bike?
  • Complete a triathlon solo or on a team?

The Pain Free Athlete offers you the opportunity to work with a coach who cares as much as you about your athletic goal. I want to help you succeed! Before you download that free “personalized” training plan off the internet that will likely leave you frustrated, tired, and possibly injured, consider the value in working with a professional coach. Appreciate the benefit of collaborating with someone who has completed many recreational and competitive events in various sports. Recognize that training programs need to be fluid and should change with your schedule. Finally, be aware that top athletic performance is not achieved through physical exercise alone: it requires supportive mental and emotional strategies. Peak performance is achieved when you are aligned in the four areas shown to the right in the hub of my sports performance wheel.

Your Individualized Training Program

Partner with me to develop an individualized training program designed just for you. More than just a plan of workouts, I offer an inclusive program. I will support you every step of the way to your big event. The program starts with a phone or Skype strategy session, where together we will outline the details of your event and training path forward. I’ll consider your fitness level, including strengths and weakness, training time available, stress load, resources, rest and recovery cycles, social support and more when developing your individually-tailored program. To keep you on track and accountable, we will connect via phone or Skype every other week. Along the way, you also have access to me via email to discuss questions or concerns that arise.

What’s included

  • 45-minute initial phone or Skype strategy session
  • Weekly training log with workout descriptions
  • 15-minute biweekly (every two weeks) phone or Skype check-ins
  • Ongoing email support until the event (limitations will be imposed when required)
  • Assistance with event preparation factors beyond physical training when needed and as time allows, such as:
    • Nutrition
    • Sports Technique
    • Sleep and Stress
    • Equipment Selection
    • Mental Tactics
    • More…

Your Financial Investment

4 week plan $165
6 week plan $195
8 week plan $225
10 week plan $255
12 week plan $285

Sports Technique Lessons

The importance of alignment is paramount when your body is in motion. When you play sports, forces are generated throughout your body as a result of gravity, ground reaction and body weight. If your position is misaligned and your biomechanics are flawed, these imbalances will be exaggerated with the intensity of sports.

Poor Alignment + Athletics = Pain, Breakdown, Inflammation, Strain, Deterioration…

Reduce your chances of these negative consequences by working on your sports technique. Not only will you be increasing your likelihood of pain-free play, but you will also be improving efficiency in your movements, which can translate into increased speed, power and stamina. I offer individual and group instruction for beginner to advanced athletes in the following sports:

  • Running – road and trail
  • Cycling – mountain and road
  • XC Skiing – skate and classic

What’s included

  • Individualized analysis of your sports technique
  • Instruction in proper form
  • Constructive feedback on your technique adjustments
  • Drills to practice on your own

Your Financial Investment

Private lesson $65/hour
Semi-private lesson $50/hour/person
Small group (3-5) $40/hour/person
Large group (6-10) $30/hour/person

Video Analysis

Seeing is believing! Many of us learn best by watching. Thus, instant feedback from a camera can dramatically increase your learning curve.
$20 additional fee.