The Pain Free Athlete :: Knee Injuries

Find Non-Movement-Based Techniques to Manage Stress

Please enjoy an excerpt from my book, Winning the Injury Game, which will be released this summer.   Injuries raise your stress level. Looking back at the previous tips (for your healing journey), each of these could be a source … Read More

Beware of Stretching Your Hamstrings

Please enjoy an excerpt from my book, Winning the Injury Game, which will be released this summer.   Muscles need to be balanced between the front and back as well as the left and right sides of the body to … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: To Do Everything

Achieve More in 2017 with an Organized Mind

Are you perpetually making to-do lists–but find yourself unable to complete the tasks efficiently? Do you often feel lost and overwhelmed with your responsibilities, and despite being continuously busy, perceive you are not making progress in the important aspects of … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: Winged Scapulae

How to Fix Winged Shoulder Blades

What are winged shoulder blades? The image above shows a young boy with winged shoulder blades (scapulae). Notice the pen marks on the inner edge of the scapulae where these bones are sticking out from his back. There is a gap … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: Foot Alignment

Don’t Fear Foot Pronation

Pronation is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “rotation of the medial bones in the midtarsal region of the foot inward and downward so that in walking the foot tends to come down on its inner margin.” You can see … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: Hip Joint

Osteoarthritis is a Symptom of Postural Misalignments

At 38 I was diagnosed with severe (grade 4) bone-on-bone left hip osteoarthritis. Too young for a joint replacement, I was advised by my doctor to reduce my activity level and avoid any movements that hurt. When the pain was … Read More

Posture, Presence, and Personal Power

“Our bodies change our minds …and our minds change our behavior …and our behavior changes our outcomes.”   This was written on one of the slides in Amy Cuddy’s popular TED Talk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. Her … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: 5 alignment exercises for snow sports

5 Alignment Exercises for Snow Sports

It’s that time of year: the hills are white, and the trails are groomed! Time to get out on the snow!   I love winter and the sports it brings! Going from dryland training to skiing or boarding day after … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: Vision and the brain

How Vision Affects Posture and Movement

Imagine that when you look upon the world, the ground seems to be sloping away from you. Subconsciously, your brain perceives, through your visual sense, that you are always going downhill. This is an optical distortion. And this is how … Read More

The Pain Free Athlete :: Extension Posture

Manage Stress Through Neutral Posture

The photo of the person in the blue shirt above is a posture of stress and pain. It is a body in an extended position. The lower back is overly arched forward; the shoulders are pulled so far back that … Read More

Why Kegel Exercises Don’t Work

Many women and increasingly more men are being told to do Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor (pelvic diaphragm) musculature. The Kegel exercise has been prescribed for many years. It was introduced by Dr. Arnold Henry Kegel in 1948. … Read More

3 Ab Exercises You Should Be Doing!

In my last blog, The Secret Role of Your Abs, I disclosed the vital role your abdominal muscles play in breath and deep core alignment. I explained how this part of your body provides the base of your posture. Additionally, I … Read More

Pain Free Athlete :: Trunk muscles

The Secret Role of Your Abs

What do your abdominal muscles do? Most of us are concerned with the look and strength of our abs, but what is their purpose in the body? Most anatomy books will list actions such as flexing the lumbar spine to … Read More

Activate Your Glutes with Bridge Exercise Variations

My last blog, Why do glutes shut off?, outlined the three main reasons your butt muscles stop working – pain, position and lack of use. In this blog I am going to provide more information about this powerful muscle group and … Read More

Why do glutes shut off?

Have you ever been told your glutes don’t work? I have! When I started my posture therapy program, I couldn’t activate my left glutes at all. It’s like they had amnesia, which they did. My muscles had forgotten how to … Read More

Tame Your Hip Flexors with the Egoscue Tower

Your hip flexors are vitally important to aligned posture and efficient movement. Your two primary hip flexors are the Psoas and Iliacus muscles. As you can see in this Wikipedia illustration to the right, the Psoas muscle attaches to the spine, then … Read More

Gravity and Back Pain

Gravity: it’s a constant, unrelenting force pushing down on your body all day long. If you are not vertically aligned against this continuous pressure, not only will you fail to build your bones (see my blog Prevent Osteoporosis with Aligned Posture, … Read More

Pain Free Athlete :: Healing is an Individual Process

Healing is an Individual Process

Road to RecoveryHealing is not a neat and tidy process with well-defined steps from pain to wellness. It is an individual journey that is unique for each person. The source of chronic pain and the strategies needed for recovery can … Read More

5 Posture Exercises to Build Your Bones

In my last blog, Prevent Osteoporosis with Aligned Posture, I proposed that aligned posture or the lack of it is a risk factor for osteoporosis. When your skeleton is not stacked vertically against gravity, your bones are not being stimulated to … Read More

Prevent Osteoporosis with Aligned Posture

I’m worried about osteoporosis, as are many of my clients. Osteoporosis is a thinning of the bones, which increases the likelihood of fractures and can lead to disability and death. The diagnosis of osteopenia also denotes decreased bone mass and … Read More