"Using both Egoscue® and Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) therapies, Jessica addressed the core problem in my posture, my asymmetrical hip alignment, to treat my sciatica. Although this helped me to return to an activity that I love--backcountry skiing--she gave me the tools to be pain free no matter what physical activity I do."
Pain Free Athlete :: Kathryn Testimonial
Kathryn GoldmanOvercame sciatica to return to backcountry skiing
"Thanks to Jessica’s multi-faceted training program that embodies a unique understanding of human fitness/healing, I improved my conditioning and gained better awareness of the mind-body connection to overcome a physical limitation. Although I was initially hesitant, the improvements and my resulting awareness of the mind-body connection helped me to reach my goal of summiting Mount Kilimanjaro."
Pain Free Athlete :: James Testimonial
James JeffriesSummited Mount Kilimanjaro
"Jessica’s Egoscue/posture work gave me the techniques to gently realign my posture and control my back pain whenever I need it. It is as if I have gotten younger. I have less pain at fifty than when I was thirty. Thank you, Jessica! If you’re struggling with chronic pain that is limiting your activities, give posture therapy a try. It works!"
Pain Free Athlete :: Carl Testimonial
Carl EvensonFeels younger by having control over his back pain