Wellness Coaching

Align Your Mind

Injury Recovery and Injury Prevention

Injury Recovery

Losing your ability to play sports or to be active because of injury, surgery or chronic pain can be devastating. It can leave you feeling lost, isolated, angry, depressed or anxious. Dealing with these strong emotions and mental confusion alone can be challenging. It can be hard to find someone who understands what you are going through, someone who can relate to your situation and cognitive struggles.

That’s where Wellness Coaching with me, Jessica, can help. I’ve been there! I will teach and guide you from pain back to activity. I believe that healing happens at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Wellness Coaching aids in healing your mind so your body can recover. The way you think about your injury, the beliefs you have about healing, and your perceptions and personality traits can all impact your body’s ability to heal.

Telephone-based wellness coaching provides you with the opportunity to talk to someone who can empathize with your loss and who will listen attentively without judgement. Through thought-provoking conversations using open-ended questioning, I will help you to move beyond the shock of your diagnosis. Then, together, we can start a plan for recovery. Instead of focusing on the negatives of your injury, I will help you to direct your energy into the positive aspects of learning and growth that often comes with a setback. You can continue to grow in your sport and your life during your athletic downtime!

Injury Prevention

As a result of my experiences both as an injured athlete and as a coach, I developed the “Wheel of Sports Performance” that takes a wholistic approach to athletics. Alignment of the mind is central to this model for achieving peak performance. Top athletes describe “flow” experiences during outstanding achievements, which I equate to having a balanced mind. It is impossible to be at your best when you are stressed, distracted, or overly nervous. You are also more likely to make mistakes and then become hurt when your mind is frenzied. A short lapse in concentration can end in a devastating crash. I know. I’ve done it!

In addition to working together to improve your mental game, we will also look at several other factors beyond physical workouts that can influence your results. In this five-week concentrated coaching program, we’ll use the “Wheel of Sports Performance” to identify and collaborate on how to fill the gaps in your preparation and training that are leaving you vulnerable to injury.

Wellness Coaching is based both on developing a vision and setting long and short-term goals to reach this desired future picture. Together we will create these sports-focused aspirations. What kind of athlete do you want to be? We’ll design personalized action steps and weekly accountability to accelerate your progress so that you achieve and maintain a pain and injury-free active lifestyle.

What's Included

In-Depth Questionnaire

Explore your health history, personal habits, past successes and current challenges

Discovery Session

Initial 90-minute one-on-one phone coaching call


Creation of the future picture of your ideal, active self

Goals Setting

For the long and short-term to support reaching your vision

Weekly Phone Coaching

45-minute calls for one month

Email Communication

Available between calls

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Additional Coaching Options

(Three-month commitment required)

Weekly Coaching


Bi-Monthly Coaching


Monthly Coaching