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When you are aligned, you are strong in body and mind. When you are not aligned, pain and injuries develop due to the excess stress that is generated throughout your body systems. Alignment is the foundation of a lasting, pain-free and active lifestyle.

The Pain Free Athlete :: Play Without Pain


Wellness Coaching helps you skillfully manage the mental and emotional aspects of your pain and injury.

The Pain Free Athlete :: Play Without Pain


Posture Therapy uses restorative exercises to reduce chronic pain and to return the body to balance.

The Pain Free Athlete :: Play Without Pain


Sports Conditioning includes instruction and programs for strength, sports technique, and event preparation.


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Healing is Possible!

Please enjoy the beginning of Chapter 1 from my book, Winning the Injury Game, which will be available soon. Download the entire chapter. Your body is wonderfully resilient. It wants to serve you and make possible all the sports and activities you love. I know this is hard to hear right now; it might seem like your world has ended and a part of you died with your injury. But trust me: you can regain all you had and more. Your pain is only temporary. You will get better. I don't know how long it will take, but if you ...
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Coming Soon!

After nine years of patience and learning, Winning the Injury Game is in the final stages of the self-publishing process. I am excited to share this information with you, and I eagerly await your feedback.

Get a sneak peak of the contents in my latest blogs.

The Pain Free Athlete :: Jessica

Hello I’m Jessica Kisiel!

I believe we are designed to move and play throughout our entire lives. I don’t buy into the idea that we should slow down with age, or that pain, injury and physical restrictions are unavoidable aspects of growing older. My philosophy is that it is the position and condition of the body that we bring into any activity–from walking to skiing to everything in between–that determines our chance of hurting when we move. If we are in a good position and move with correct body biomechanics, all activities should be possible.

This is the goal I have for all my clients: to overcome limitations and Stay in the Game for Life!


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